What other news stories have featured climate change?

Climate change is in the news on an almost daily basis, whether it be your local newspaper or national news outlets. Below is a comprehensive list of all the stories we have featured on the Waves of Change website. There are always things we may miss, so keep on the lookout for other climate change stories in your local or national newspapers, featured on radio or TV, or via social media, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.

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“Energy Bills Address Transition Away From Fossil Fuels” ecoRI

Disclaimer: While the intent of this website is not to take a political stance, when there is proven science as is the case with climate change, we will periodically include articles that may have references to political positions. We urge you to read the science as a means to inform your political or apolitical position.

“Climate Change: The Missing Issue of the 2016 Campaign” The Guardian The inclusion of this article is by no means an endorsement or condemnation of any political party; rather, it is a recognition that this scientifically compelling issue is being given short shrift in an election year. This is of particular note given that concern about climate change is at an 8-year high among all Americans.

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