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The Climate Change Collaborative is committed to protecting the privacy of our website visitors. Personal information you provide to us electronically is kept confidential and will not be sold or disclosed to a third party in a manner that identifies you, except to comply with legal requirements. Any comments you submit may be used for the Users Speak section and elsewhere, either in identical form or in a summarized version.

The Climate Change Collaborative uses Google Analytics to track traffic on our website to help us make our website a more effective communication tool. Data collected includes general demographic information such as age categories, but does not allow us to track individual users. The data just provide general information about how our website is being used to assist us in serving you through ongoing additions and improvements.


About the RI
Climate Change Collaborative

We hope you will find the information in the topic areas informational and instructive. We also welcome your feedback, which can be sent to the Climate Change Collaborative through the Tell Us What You Think page.

Positions expressed in referenced media or links to external websites do not necessarily reflect the position of the RI Climate Change Collaborative.

About the RI Climate Change Collaborative

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